Do you know that an event coordinator and an event planner are supposed to be two different people? Many people get completely confused with these two! They shouldn’t though because their functions and jobs are completely distinct from one another! We have gathered some information on this subject to help you out in understanding what they are about! Stay tuned and keep on reading!!

The Team

The Team

Event Planner- An event planner is a person that organizes, creates and designs your event. They will make the contracts, ensure that the budget is being met. They will get the orders for the food, drinks, decoration, gifts if any, snacks, dancers, band… an event planner is the person who will follow the scheduled plan and make sure that it is all on time and following the script. The event planner is in communication with you from the beginning of the planning and will stay with you until it’s over. An event planner wil be the person who will know everything about your event.

Event coordinator – the event coordinator is the person who handles all logistics associated with the event. They will fix and handle any bump that comes in the way, they are problem solvers and they are trained to do it in a way that you and your guests won’t even notice. An event coordinator may only show up at the day of the event and take care of everything on that day making sure everything goes smooth. Any problem that arises should be given to the event coordinator to handle.

So now it’s clear, they are two different people with two different tasks and In some cases they are the same person.

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