Truth is we are all visual beings. Even if we don’t realize it, we are more visual than any other species on earth. For that matter, decoration and looks have great importance to us all. We enter a place and we immediately know if we like it or not, if we feel comfortable in it or not. Simply by looking at it.

Décor has great importance in your events. A sophisticated, nice, pleasant environment will make your guests feel at ease and comfortable and will make them enjoy the time they spend at your event. We have gathered five trendy tips about Events Décor for you:


1. Bright and colourful
Colours have a very positive effect in guests. The trend is that the décor should not be pastel colors and should not be vivid colors. It should be a combination of both. Events that follow this rule are very pleasing to their guests and prove to be very successful as well. Colors will bring positivity to the room while the pastels will bring serenity. Mix both.

2. Patterns and textures
Linens are the best choice for events. They create individuality and also bring a comfortable and cosy atmosphere. You can’t go wrong with it. They will contrast well with flowers and the colours mix of the décor.

3. Flower power
Flowers in an event are very pleasing and also very fresh. They will lift up the mood of any guest and will give a harmonious and modern atmosphere. Do not go for overly feminine bouquets, but for simpler flower. Remember, men enjoy flowers as well, just not in the same way women do.

4. Unusual centrepieces
Visual appeal can be easily acquired by having unusual centre pieces over the tables. They can go from flowers jars to snacks containers, it does not matter, as long as you add style and grace to them you are set to succeed.

5. Unconventional seating
Choose to shake things up a little by following an unconventional seating plan. This will allow your guests to feel curious and also enjoy a break in their routines.

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