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Event planning is much underestimated. Basically, most of us think and believe that we can plan an event with ease and in the best way. What we fail to notice is that there are people who are trained and experienced to plan just about any type of event.

These professionals know how to help you set up the most awesome, unique and fancy event and also they can help you out saving big bucks. I can hear your mind asking itself: Save? How would I save money if I’d have to pay them to organize my event? Wouldn’t it be costlier?

This is a very good question and good questions deserve good answers. The answer is no. Planning an event has involved a great amount of effort and knowledge that needs to be put into action. Also, you may think that you will get the best deals, but that is far from truth. We’ve put together ten different reasons why you should hire an Event Planner to take care of everything for you for the next event you host, there are of course many more…

1. Event planners know the exact time frame to invite, set up and contact the guests. They will say and write the right words that will make your event an absolute success.
2. They will make sure the invitations are well written, with the appropriate templates and that the guests know what the event is about and why they should accept.
3. Event planners know where to get the best deals for your event. From all the decoration items such as flowers, table covers, garments, snacks, drinks, everything.
4. Event Plannners have arrangements with the supplying companies and can get you to save big!
5. Event planners will ensure everything is taken care of. You know those little details no one ever thinks of? That’s right! An event planner will make sure those little details that have us running like crazy last minute are all taken care of way before the event starts.
6. The time you save by hiring an event planner is probably the best part of it all. You can use that time to work, make money, enjoy a hobby, your family
7. The fact that your mind is free from thinking about everything involved in hosting and planning a good event saves you time, money and health.
8. An event planner is the best counselor you can have for everything related to your event, even about the right timing and the appropriate schedule that ensures your event to be a success!
9. When to talk, when to eat, when to propose a toast, the event planner will create a detailed plan that will serve you, your goal and your event in the best way possible.
10. And Event Planner will save you money by letting you know how to achieve the same result with less money. They are trained and know what they do.

You will save in time, money and worries by hiring an event planner. These professionals will make of your event an utterly success that will bring you much success and satisfactions. You should always consider and hire one before diving into the complexity of organizing and planning an event by yourself. Leave it to a professional, they know what they do.

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  • MatthewSeptember 25, 2015 at 12:23 pm

    True talk. Watched my friend’s wedding and knew right from the word go it was some family member that planned. Nice one ea.. I just hope people get the message

  • LindaSeptember 25, 2015 at 12:25 pm

    Thats the only advice I give my friends now. I used a planner ooo and I didnt feel the stress at all. This Lagos – after work stress who will be running around planning wedding again

    • OluwakemiSeptember 25, 2015 at 12:26 pm

      What of those not working! At least they have time to plan. Even if planners are not so expensive but sha.. then dey try

  • ChianaMay 7, 2016 at 9:21 am

    This is excellent. It’s got a very chill kind of indie band sound (which I looooove) and the vocals are really spuclacetar. Thanks again for bringing something fantastic to my attention!


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